All customers requesting new water service must apply in person at the V.A.W. Water System office.

If the service location has a meter in place, prior to the service being turned on the customer must:

  • Complete an application for service
  • Provide Proof of ownership or have a rental form from a landlord
  • Owners pay a non-refundable service fee (see rate sheet)
  • Renters pay a non-refundable service fee and a refundable deposit (see rate sheet)
  • Provide photo I.D. and other information as outlined in the Rules & Regulations

A non-refundable service fee is required for each service connection.

If the service location does not already have a meter in place, the customer must pay for a meter installation. The amount of the installation will be determined according to the following schedule:

  • $750 for a 3/4 inch meter installation and tap.
  • $900 for a 1 inch meter installation and tap.
  • All meter sizes over 1 inch will be done for the cost of the material & labor. plus 15%.
  • All customers must have the physical 911 address of the property.
  • Please call office for further instructions (256) 734-2413

Termination of Service

When a customer requests a termination of service, he/she must notify V.A.W. Water System. Upon notification, we will complete a disconnect order, turn off the meter, and take a final meter reading. A final bill will be generated during the customer’s normal billing cycle.